Mar 6, 2007

Creating Content Projects??

Some Project Ideas so far:

Using RSS Feeds in a travel class.

Online Class on Library Thing.

The sky is the limit in offering 2.0 technology classes to the public. We already offer email classes, how about a class on Google docs, (read their blog)
Rollyo, Flickr, Image Generators (what fun they are!) list of Favourite Sites. See our entry in Helene Blowers list for Libraries Learning 2.0

Expansion of the Yarra Plenty Book Blog.

Five Weeks to a Social Library is a great Blog and Online Course to watch.
Follow this link for some suggestions in using Wikis.

Looking for ideas? why reinvent the wheel....check these out:

This WIKI of Weblogs may inspire you

Awaiting your input.

Please keep those ideas coming as we formulate the next class in April.

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Exhomeless-Guy said...

I see you find image generatrs fun, well try for a huge collection.